Our Vision

Doers + Dreamers

Our strong and diverse base of businesses thrive
because of their leaders’ resilience, resourcefulness, and drive. Ongoing challenges—like high housing costs, restrictive government policies and industry disruption, among others—potentially threaten these risk-takers and the jobs they create. By tenaciously advocating for the needs of businesses and their employees, we can increase economic opportunity throughout the region—and improve our community’s overall wellbeing.


Policy Priorities

  • Support the needs of existing, emerging and future industry sectors to cultivate more head-of-household jobs.

  • Encourage the elimination of unnecessary, overlapping and contradictory government regulations; oppose legislation that is harmful to local business.

  • Support businesses as they adjust to disruptive shifts in consumer behavior such as online and experience-driven shopping.

  • Advocate for urgently-needed investment in transportation-related infrastructure that supports business, including critical regional infrastructure improvements in San Luis Obispo such as Prado Road, Tank Farm Road and Highway 227.

  • Advocate for streamlined development review and processing and flexible zoning standards that lead to increased certainty in the development review process and allow for more efficient use of buildings and land.

  • Actively work to improve the viability of business districts in the city and promote the need for mixed uses, including housing in downtowns.

  • Support efforts to develop and grow access to quality healthcare to serve the current and future needs of our community.

  • Promote the enhancement and expansion of affordable childcare to support working families.

  • Continue to support efforts to strengthen the SLO County Airport, expand air service, enhance traveler services and make facility improvements.

  • Advocate that parking policies consider future trends in car ownership, use and technologies.

From imagination to reality. See what happens when people come together to bring this vision to life.

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