Our Vision

Environmental Stewardship

Caring for our land and natural resources
is embedded in our community culture.  Now more than ever, our collective future depends on furthering sustainable solutions that support healthy economic growth and ensure community resiliency. Our opportunity lies in careful stewardship of our resources and embracing new technologies so that we sustain our quality of life for generations to come.

Policy Priorities

  • Protect the area’s air and water quality, scenic beauty and character, recognizing that they are intrinsic to the region’s appeal to residents and tourists alike.

  • Support and promote the benefits of compact urban form, infill development, appropriate density and increased building heights where appropriate; oppose development that is likely to induce urban sprawl.

  • Support efforts for building countywide water resiliency including distribution infrastructure, planning that considers usage and treatment with a view of the complete water cycle, capture and reuse opportunities, and expanded use of desalination.

  • Encourage the research and development of small and large-scale renewable energy opportunities that would position our region as a leader in renewable energy innovation.

  • Advocate for the decommissioning of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant upon closure and a federal long-term solution for the storage of spent fuel.

  • Promote the development of alternative fueling, electric charging stations and battery storage technologies.

  • Advocate for and promote the benefits of San Luis Obispo becoming a net zero city.

From imagination to reality. See what happens when people come together to bring this vision to life.

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