Our Vision

Love of Place

Love of Place

Locals call it “The SLO Life.”
It’s the unique combination of the region’s natural beauty, spectacular weather, agricultural heritage, abundant open space, great schools, low crime rates, quality arts and culture, and a highly-engaged citizenry.   These factors are part of our tremendous economic advantage and deserve constant care and attention.

Policy Priorities

  • Advocate for protection of and access to San Luis Obispo’s signature landscapes, community open space, and public parks; the maintenance and enhancement of public facilities; and investment in our urban forest, public streets, plazas and trails.

  • Recognize the importance of downtown San Luis Obispo as a city jewel that requires continuous care and enhancement and promote it as an area for residents, families and visitors to experience and contribute to the cultural fabric, business center and government hub.

  • Strongly advocate for the creation of more housing of all kinds, prioritizing a diverse mix of size, price and type of home.

  • Support efforts to create a network of multi-modal trails throughout the region to connect people with the natural and historic assets, wine country, and local communities.

  • Oppose development or activities that significantly harm the local or regional environment.

  • Modernize architectural review standards to allow structures to reflect current design styles while advocating for appropriate preservation.

  • Support efforts and legislation to keep agriculture, an important driver of our regional economy and an integral part of the fabric of our community, thriving.

  • Advocate for the arts, recognizing their economic, social and intrinsic value; encourage public-private investments to create access to and abundance of arts and cultural opportunities in the region.

  • Support policies that improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

  • Support policies and programs that ensure San Luis Obispo remains a safe community.

From imagination to reality. See what happens when people come together to bring this vision to life.

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