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July 9, 2019

Community choice energy | What you need to know

Heard talk about community choice energy but not sure what’s what? Here’s a primer on the basics to get you powered up.

What is community choice energy and why should I care?
Instead of one utility company supplying and delivering power, a public entity steps in as broker. This go-between sources energy from carbon-free and renewable suppliers, then partners with the utility to deliver the power to you. That means you get earth-friendly carbon-free power (hydroelectric, wind, solar, etc.) typically at lower prices than you’re paying now. We see this as a win-win all around.


June 13, 2019

Cleaning up: Downtown SLO eyes new property district aimed at safety, cleanliness

Litter, graffiti, gum, needles, vomit, poop.

Austin Bertucci has seen—and cleaned—it all and more working as San Luis Obispo’s “downtown ambassador” over the past few years. Donning a Downtown SLO cap, polo shirt, trash picker, and unflappable smile, Bertucci spends his weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. traversing Higuera, Marsh, and Monterey streets, his eyes peeled for something to clean up and someone to help out.


June 11, 2019

SLO has $150 million in unfunded pensions. Now it has a plan to wipe out that burden

San Luis Obispo is hoping to wipe out its massive unfunded pension obligations by spending millions to pay down its costs over the next two decades.

The pension spending was a significant focus of the city’s $400 million two-year budget for 2019-21, which was approved by the City Council last week.

The city currently is saddled with about $150 million in unfunded pension liability, said City Manager Derek Johnson. Unfunded pension liability refers to the amount of money the city needs to cover pension costs for its retired and current city employees.

SLO has laid out an aggressive plan to pay down its liability over a 20-year versus a 30-year period.